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Power ball

Powerball is a blockchain-based game where players try to match the numbers of regular and powerballs.

A total of 6 balls are drawn: 5 regular balls from 1 to 28 and 1 Powerball from 0 to 9.

Users can guess whether the sum of the 5 regular balls ends in an odd or even number, and if the sum is 72 or less, it is UNDER, or 73 or more, it is OVER.

The Powerball is categorized as a stand-alone game and is based on only the 6th Powerball, guessing whether the numbers are odd/even, UNDER (0-4) or OVER (5-9).

Bit Ball

BIt Ball is a game that guesses the numeric end of the Bitcoin price(in Dollar) is odd / even number or under / over. Bitcoin price will be referred to the current trading price of Binance, HTX and Coinbase.

The draw is basing on the live bitcoin price of 3 different exchanges randomly picked so the player can verify it by checking the price of bitcoin themselves to prove its genuinely.

※ The source of Bitcoin Price may change to trustworthy exchange if exchanges go through server maintenance or other reasons (e.g. API problem)

Lottery game

Lottery game has a 100 times higher chance of winning the first prize compared to the existing 6/45 Lotto.

Users can choose 4 different numbers by clicking the Buy button, or they can click the Random button to let the computer choose them automatically.

The lottery will start when users have participated 5000 times.
You can check the history of your selected and randomized numbers in History.